Project Description


Motorcycles tend to see their fair share of wear and tear. Whether it’s from dirt roads or driving across the country, they need an occasional bath. The sun’s rays and various natural elements can take their toll on your bike’s paint. No one likes to see their bike covered in scratches or their paint chipping off. Not only can we help restore your bike, but we can help protect it from future issues as well.

All vehicles depreciate; this goes for cars, planes, and even motorcycles. If you’re the type of biker who gets a new bike every few years, you want to keep its market value as high as possible. If your motorcycle has years of wear and tear, detailing will help restore some of its value but can only go so far. We recommend keeping a regular detailing schedule throughout the year to keep its value as high as possible from the start. In addition to this, detailing will preserve its appearance. This is great for all bikers! No matter how often you ride, or in what weather conditions, it’s appearance will begin to wear over time. We help prevent this by safely removing any contaminants from the paint, fixing surface scratches, and adding a wax layer to protect it.

For the best motorcycle detailing service, Donald’s Automotive Detailing Specialists are here to help! Whether you choose a one time or recurring detailing service, your bike will look and feel brand new. If you want to surprise a loved one with one of our detailing packages, we even offer gift certificates on our website! Feel free to contact us on our website or call (760) 315-2287 today.