Project Description


Saltwater, sun UV rays, and debris in the water can all wear away your boat’s beautiful exterior finish. Our detailing service will help keep your boat in top shape while maintaining its value. We can find and correct any minor damages before they get worse. While boat owners tend to take care of the regular maintenance, you want to call in the professionals when it comes to extensive deep-cleaning. Boat maintenance can become very time consuming, so we’ll help free up your time so you can spend more time driving your boat than cleaning it.

Our process involves thoroughly washing the boat from top to bottom, removing bugs, dirt, and any elements your boat came into contact with while in the water. We use specialized tools to clean the interior and exterior, remove stubborn stains, and fix surface scratches. It’s a very technical process, as boats are exposed to different chemicals than cars or RVs. We deep clean the interior and exterior, then buffer away any grime stuck to the surface. Once everything’s looking spotless, we apply wax to preserve your vessel’s color and shine. Our waxing process helps your boat stand up against saltwater, algae, and UV rays.

Our boat detailing service will help preserve its appearance, clean out any contaminants, and keep its resale value high. Whether you choose a one time or recurring detailing service, you won’t regret it. If you want to surprise a loved one with a vehicle detailing, we even offer gift certificates on our website! To make your vessel stand out, contact us on our website or call (760) 315-2287 today.